The African continent has recorded the fifth coup in quick sequence with the military take-over in Gabon today Wednesday 30th August, 2023.

The military take-over was announced on the Gabon National Tv by the military who declared that the Saturday controversial election which brought in President Ali Bongo in his third term bid is cancelled and that the declared winner, the president-elect has been removed.

The military also announced that all government institutions in the country have been dissolved.

It will be recalled that the opposition had been disputing and protesting throughout the country the outcome of the country’s Saturday election which saw President Ali Bongo declared winner for the third term. Ali Bongo had come to power after the demise of his father in 2009.  

The military take-over in the central African Gabon will no doubt have a lot of effects on the continent as the fifth in quick sequence, even as ECOWAS is still battling with the Niger Coup.

This trend no doubt spells more troubles for the continent of Africa.

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