Exposition on the spiritual war between the kingdoms of Light and darkness on the souls of humans through the use of Entertainment contents.

By Apostle Zaccheus Bamgbaiye



All around the cosmos, there are two Kingdoms in operation; The Kingdom of LIGHT and the kingdom of DARKNESS. These two kingdoms have a mission to dominate the earth. However, in order to gain dominance, each of these kingdoms must deploy various means or agents to initiate and maintain a sustainable operation and dominance in the world of men.

While the Kingdom of light use Godly tools like the Apex book, the bible, audio and visual messages, Christian books, gospel songs, movies, cartoons, comic, tracts etc to educate believers on God's will and purpose for their lives, the rulers of the dark world play counter-attack via the same means and further invent other materials in order to dominate the cosmos.
Apparently, some of the major means or instruments of the Kingdom of darkness that have contributed to the societal vices we have experienced so far are the lyrics of extremely worldly songs, visuals from ungodly movies, uncensored cartoons and Comic, demonic novels, etc.

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Contained in the evil Instruments of the kingdom of the darkness that have gained massive influence in the society are toxic belief systems wired in songs, quotes and all kinds of visuals. These toxic belief systems are sponsored and regulated by the rulers of darkness in order to maintain relevance and dominance in the society.

It is imperative to highlight that these tormenting Instruments as well as factors are responsible for the psychology of the youths of this age, especially the ones who live and lead a thoughtless and careless lifestyle. For instance, an average youth beliefs music plays a vital role in setting up his mood for the day and this belief system has been used to trap the young ones. It's pathetic to know that such a big lie creeped into the society from the pit of hell.

God told Joshua in Joshua 1verse 8, that the book of law must not depart from his mouth and that he should meditate in it day and night. In the same vein, we are to set up our mood for the day with the truth of God's word and not the lyrics of worldly songs.

Undoubtedly, the content of most of these songs are far from healthy, because a large percentage of the lyrics have been demonized in such a captivating and enchanting way that lures unbelievers and baby Christians to normalize immorality and crime as a way of life. Of course, carnal Christians and unbelievers are the major victims. Most times, many lines of the lyrics of worldly songs are written and designed to persuade the mindset of youths to think towards a direction that endangers their capacity and potentials.

A recent study discovered a scientific connection between music and personality. This clearly affirms that the music a man listens to tells more about his personality. As a result of these subtle activities going on in our society, worldly songs are massively embraced and the church is losing the souls of youths who are still obsessed with worldly songs to the dark world via the help of the entertainers who carelessly or deliberately include some unhealthy lyrics in their songs. Gospel songs on the other hand which is aimed at edifying believers rarely get the same energy and support as worldly songs. Just recently, an artiste fashioned a belief into one of his songs and emphatically said "it is lonely at the top", a song which has gained wide acceptance from majority of the Nigerian youths both at home and abroad. Although this particular line of the song sounds harmless and entertaining but it can be dangerously damaging to the mindset of any youth than they could ever imagine.

If you would ask me for my opinion about the line, "lonely at the top" I would say, it is never
lonely at the top. Infact, it is a statement of ignorance for a believer to also accept such
claim, because fulfilment and joy awaits a man who chooses to live a life of faith and impacts
even as he climbs the success ladders to the top. God in a bid to provide a support system to Godly youths during the lowest point of their life spoke through His messenger, Prophet Isaiah in the book of Isaiah 40:29-31: He(God) gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak
Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. The above biblical verses clearly present the system of hope for a youth who is dependent on God, and that a space awaits him at the top provided he won't get tired.

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