World war III imminent as countries in the world rally supports for either Israel or Palestine

There are indications that except cautions are taken immediately by countries of the world, the present Israeli-Palestinian war may degenerate into the third world war as countries of the world are taking sides with either Israel or Palestine through one protests or the other.

It will be recalled that Adolf Hitler's invasion of Poland in September 1939 drove Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany. Allied countries sprang up from both sides and the world war II started. The same situation may be playing out now with the invasion of Palestinian political and religious group's invasion of Israel recently killing about 1000 people in Israel and leaving with about 250 hostages.

Israel had swiftly retaliated with continuous air strikes and the siege of Gaza strip in readiness for ground invasion of Gaza. allied countries of the world have since been taking side with either of the warring countries against the other, through protests, rallies and threats.

Scourges of protests have emerged in the last twenty hours in the major countries of the world, especially in the Middle East, US, and Europe to rally support for the two parties in the Israali-Palestine/Hamas War which started with the Saturday 7th October, 2023 devastating and surprise attack of Israel by the Palestinian Hamas Group.

On Friday 14th October, 2023 Muslims across the Middle East countries demonstrated against the continuous bombardment of Gaza and the planned ground attack of Gaza by Israel.  Protests were seen on the typically sedate streets of downtown Amman in Jordan, to Yemen’s war-scarred capital of Sanaa, crowds of Muslim worshippers poured into the streets after weekly Friday prayers, angered by devastating Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. 

Protesters in Jordan holding Palestine Flag in solidarity to Palestine

Iran through its foreign minister on Saturday 7th October has also called on Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza, warning that the war might expand to other parts of the Middle East if Hezbollah joins the battle, and that would make Israel suffer “a huge earthquake.”  Obviously, this statement is a threat to Israel’s continuous siege against Gaza. The statement also clearly states that Jordan is ready to battle Israel, as well as Iran, showing readiness of the two Arab countries to fight on the side of Palestine.

Iran Foreign Minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian while speaking with reporters threatened that in Beirut, Lebanon’s Hezbollah group which is regarded as the next deadliest enemy of Israel has taken all the scenarios of a war into consideration and Israel should stop its attacks on Gaza as soon as possible.

Iran Foreign Minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian threatens Israel to stop the attack and siege against Gaza or both Iran and Jordan will join the battle on the side of Palestine.

Egypt as significant part of the "Arab League" is not left out in the threats and protests against Israel.

After Friday prayers, Egyptian demonstrators ringed the historic Al-Azhar Mosque in downtown Cairo, the Sunni Muslim world's foremost religious institution, chanting that Israel remained their enemy "generation after generation".

Egyptians worshippers on Friday 14th October protest against Israel , their "enemies from generation to generation"

Also, in Pakistan's capital of Islamabad, some worshippers trampled on American and Israeli flags in protest against Israel and all its allies.

Likewise, In Baghdad, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Tahrir Square. The protest hub of Iraq's capital for rallies called by the influential Shiite cleric and political leader Muqtada al-Sadr.

On the other hand, Jewish communities and some Christians in the U.S., France and UK  have also held rallies in solidarity with Israel after the Hamas attack from Gaza, which has recorded the deadliest killing spree against Israeli civilians in the country's 75-year history.

U.S. officials, including President Biden, have repeatedly warned Iran and the regional militias Tehran backed to stay out of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. However, Hezbollah's deputy secretary-general warned that it would be "on the lookout" for the United States and British naval vessels heading to the Mediterranean Sea.

American President, Joe Biden asking Iran not to be joined in the Israeli-Palestinian War

"Your battleships do not interest us, nor do your statements frighten us," Naim Kassim said at a rally in a southern suburb of Beirut. "When the time is right to take action, we will do so." says the Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem while addressing a solidarity stand with Gaza in Beirut's Dahiyeh.

Meanwhile, while other nations are rallying supports for the two nations involved in the war, the nationals in the two countries have protested against their respective governments.

In Palestine, though, Hamas Soldiers would not allow physical protests as security clamps down on gathering of any kind in the streets, the protest is much alive on social media and has garnered millions of the Palestinian people who condemned Hamas group and its administration in Gaza.  The virtual protests also condemn the 7th October attack of Israel as it is sniffing lives out of civilian Palestinians. 

A source inside Gaza that spoke with “The Times of Israel”, an Israel-based daily news publication explained that:

“In all the locations where we announced that gatherings would take place, there was a heavy presence of civilian and military security, and police cars everywhere,” a source inside Gaza told The Times of Israel on Tuesday.

“Whenever two people were walking together, they were forbidden to stop on the street, after not even a minute [security forces] would go up to them and tell them ‘get out of here or we will take you with us,'” he said.

 “People are much more outspoken against Hamas on social media today than they were 10 or five years ago,” said Rami Aman, a prominent Gazan peace activist living in Cairo, and a critic of the terror group that rules the enclave. “Back then, people would not dare make their opinions heard online for fear of retaliation.”

In the same vein, the city of Tel Aviv Located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline with a population of 467,875 which is the economic and technological center of the country of Israel witnessed massive protest of 35,000 people in Israel protesting against the continuous bombardment of Gaza and the planned ground attack which is believed will endanger the safety and possible release of the Israel hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza.  Posters of kidnapped Israelites were seen pasted on the wall of the venue where Israel leaders held their meeting today Friday 7th October.

Most of the Placards seen with the Israel protesters have inscriptions like “bring back our sons” and so on.


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