Akeredolu accuses deputy of wishing him dead like Late Pa Ajasin's deputy did.

The ongoing crisis between the The Executive Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu and his deputy, Lucky Aiyedatiwa is far from being over. The crisis has taken another turn as the Governor has declared that what is playing out between him and his deputy is history repeating itself.

This declaration was contained in a statement by Akeredolu's media and Publicity aide, Ojo Oyewamide.

The statement compared what played out between Akeredolu and Aiyetidawa to the Late Pa Ajasin and Omoboriowo saga. The statement quoted Late Governor Adekunle Ajasin accusing his deputy, Chief Omoboriowo of wishing that he was dead when the latter took ill during his 1979 to 1983 reign as Ondo State governor.

Late Pa. Adekunle Ajasin, the first elected Governor of Ondo State

It will be recalled that the Ondo State governor, Rotimi Ajeredolu just survived from a protracted illness that took him out of the country where he sought medical attention for months. It will be recalled that there were many rumours as to the course of the illness. One of such was the accusation by Akeju's wife that her husband was poisoned by a particular female government official in the state whom she alleged was getting unduly closed to her husband. Though no one could substatiate the claim. But the only thing that was sure is that the Governor nearly lost his life as a result of the protracted illness and his recovery was miraculous.

In the absence of the Governor meanwhile, so many political drama took place with the deputy Governor playing lead or sub-lead roles which became suspicious to the detest of Akeredolu 's loyalists.

According to the statement by Akeredolu's media aide, "The deputy had believed there was no way Akeredolu popularly known as Akeju was going to survive the illness.
This he likened to Late Ajasin's Statement about Omoboriowo, his deputy. According to statement credited to Late Ajasin,

" Chief Omoboriowo had believed that there was no way I (Ajasin) could have survived my illness. Therefore, shortly after I left for Lagos, he started making arrangements for setting up his own government machinery. In this regard, he offered the position of his Deputy to Chief Segun Adegoke who unknown to him was totally loyal to me. For the post of Secretary to the State Government, he had chosen Dr. Bode Olowoporoku".

"Then, there came to Akure the news being awaited by Omoboriowo and his associates. Somehow the rumour spread that I was already gone when in actual fact I had recovered fully and was merely convalescing in Lagos. It is, of course, superfluous to speak of the reaction of Omoboriowo and his associates to this rumour. They did not only believe it, they went rejoicing. And in their moment of ecstacy, many of them made unguarded statements that exposed their hitherto concealed machinations".

Late Pa Akin Omoboriowo, deputy Governor to Pa Ajasin. He was accussed by Ajasin of wishing his dead.

According to Akeredolu's aide, this quote of Ajasin's is contained in his autobiography, "Ajasin: Memoirs and Memories"

With this quote of Ajasin's by Akeredolu's media aide, comparing Aiyedatiwawith Chief Omoboriowo, the Governor is openly accussing his deputy, Aiyedatiwa of wishing him dead and working on usurping him. The reason all is not well between the two.

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