Guide on how to make the best of your weekends

While weekend period is just the 24 hours on Saturday and the 24 hours on Sunday for some people, Others whose objectives are to really squeeze the last juice out of the period believe there are 60 hours of the weekend period, between 6 p.m. Friday night rendezvous and that 6 a.m. Monday alarm clock that reminds you of what you do for a living.

Whether your philosophy goes with the 48 hours or your psychology agrees with the 60 hours weekend periods, the ultimate thing is the need to make the weekend count. To achieve this, there are things you have got to use as your anchor. These are things that must be in your mind and even be inprinted so that weekend period will perpetually be time when greater values are added to you and your life in every ramification. It is pertinent then at this point to examine those things, your anchor for making your weekends count.

  1. Have a plan: The general maxim, "To fail to plan is to plan to fail" seems to apply to all situations, as it is necessary to emphatically say that to maximise your weekend and maje the best of the period, you need to be making specific plans. The reason for planning your weekend is to allot time and duration to each of the important activities you have profiled for the weekends. Of course, we all know the importance of time management in the success of every of our endeavours. Meanwhile, it is pertinent to note at this point that having a plan for the weekend does not mean you will be rigid. There should be room for flexibilities. Infact, the plans should be flexible in a way. The planning is just to give us a roadmap and a sense of direction. There are no laws that say "you dare not change your pre-planned plans for the weekend".
    Meanwhile, you should understand that the plan must take care of activities that Add values to your life which the busy hours of the working days will not allow you to observe. You may think of longer period of exercises, some religious activities and even reading.
  2. Explore: Working days are hours of gagging and forced activities. Remember, not everyone has found themselves doing what they love. This means that most people go through the routine touture of over 100 hours of working days doing what they dont have passion for. They just engage in the activities to earn a living and to provide for the family. It is therefore very important for such Category of people especially, and all others to explore activities that give them joy, relax their nerves and bring the best out of them, as well as putting their minds at the very perfect condition. This is necessary for a good, healthy and longer life.
    The activities to explore however depends on individuals and what they love and what their passions are. To others, it may be sports activities. To others, it may be visiting new places for relaxation and exploraration. To others, it may be travelling over distance to stay with loved ones, relatives or friends. It could even be engaging in a charity act or volunteering in a Community work or project. It could sometimes be hosting people to a dinner or a mini-concert. Whatever it is for you, pls, use your weekend to explore things your busy working days will not give chance to go near.
  3. Have Enough Fun: Since most part of your working days are for serious, dificult, mind-engaging and energy sagging activities and ventures. It is of utmost importance for your body, mind and soul to use the the weekend to have fun. Engaging in funfair and funky activities have ways of resetting our minds and soul. Fun activities have ways of relaxing our nerves and this in turn has real good impacts on our mental health, as well as our physiological wellness. So, pls, find ways of making sure you engage in funfair and funky activities.
    Meanwhile, it is pertinent to emphasize that you must engage in positive fún activities. Some people engage in activities that they think they derive pleasure and fun from but which in turn have adverse effects on their lives. For instance, some derive pleasure in drinking alcohol. But, it will be disastrous for anybody to indulge in over drinking in the name of having fún or pleasure. Such indulgence will have adverse health effects on their healths on the long run. Other such negative activities may include drug abuse, multiple dating and sexual activities and so on.
  4. Have Enough Rest: Like we have established, working days are hours of busy, engaging, , demanding, extracting and exhausting series of activities that wear the body and mind out. It is therefore very pertinent that we make it part of our plans to have enough rest. Not just rest, but enough rest. This is necessary sọ that we can regain all lost energy. Not just physical energy but mẹ́tàlá as well. It is therefore necessary therefore that while making our plans for the weekend, it is important to factor in enough hours of rest. Bear it in mind that rest is one of the main reasons for having a period when the weeks end. That we may rest from our weekly labour. Remember, even God of rhe Universe in all His Might and inexhaustible power rested after 'A week of working ', creating heaven and the earth. If God rested. Pls, take time to rest during your weekends.
    Note: Please keep up with this page next week friday to catch up with the concluding part as well as other interesting and informative contents.

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