The process, pains and gains of change processes

By: Prophet Sam Adebayo

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There are basically two Greek words translated power in the New Testament. The first one is EXOUSIA. This refers to delegated power which is authority. Thats the right to act for another. Matt.9:8; 28:18. It can also be liken to power of attorney which the legal authorisation of one person to act as the agent of another. John 14:12-14.
The second Greek word translated power is DUNAMIS. This refers to inherent power; this power is capable of reproducing itself and it is from it we get the English word dynamo. A dynamo converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and this return in circle. In essence and in the context in which Jesus used it, its the dynamic ability to cause changes. This is the Greek word translated power both in Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8.

Metamorphoo "to change into another form" (meta, implying change, and morphe, "form:"), is used in the passive voice
(A) Christ's "transfiguration," Matt 17:2; Mark 9:2; Luke 9:29. Suschematizo
(B) Believers transformation, Rom 12:2, "be ye transformed," the obligation being to undergo a complete change which, under the power of God, will find expression in character and conduct; morphe lays stress on the inward change, schema (see the preceding verb in that verse, suschematizo) lays stress on the outward, the present continuous tenses indicate a process; 2 Cor 3:18 describes believers as being "transformed (RV) into the same image" (i. e., of Christ in all His moral excellencies), the change being effected by the Holy Spirit.
Dynamic of Total Transformation can be define as a tripartite (spirit, soul and body) change that is engender by the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.
Dynamic of total transformation can also be defined as an internal and external change that is imparted by the power of God.

I like you to understand that salvation is not automatic. No one is born as a born-again Christian until he or she confesses Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and saviour. When you confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour its only your spirit that got born-again. Your soul and body are still the same. Spirit is saved but soul and body are still going through the same old problem. 2Cor.5:17.
Youre saved. Whats saved? Your spirit.
Youre being saved. Whats being saved? Your soul.
Your soul is being saved by been transformed. How do you get transformed by your mind being renewed by the word of God. Rom. 12:2
The body shall be saved when Jesus Christ come again. 1Cor. 15:44.
It’s not what you are that holds you back but what you think you are not.
You cant always control circumstances but you can always control your thought.
Nothing changes until your mind change
Information doesnt bring transformation , conversion does
The teaching of the word brings revelation but the transfer of the spirit of the word brings transformation
As a man thinks in his heart so is he
The most difficult project in the world is the reconstruction of human mind.
Youre the sum total of all youve been condition to think
Believe doesnt guarantee conviction. You dont change until conviction take place.
What we see and what we hear are small thing compare to what we think etc, what we think interprets what we hear and see
The thinking of the mind changes only when we conceive what we believe and accept what we hear.
Everything in life is created in two ways: first within and second outside.

You need to know that transformation is not instantaneous but in process. We are all work in progress. What is constant in life is change. If you decide to remain a baby Christian, God cant do much with you because youre not different from slave. Miracle can bring instantaneous deliverance and healing but not transformation.
Through miracle God brought Israelites out of the land of slavery called Egypt. God performed ten miracles in the land of Egypt and by His great power Israel was let go. Omnipotent God brought them by the hand of His power but God couldnt take slavery mindset out of their thinking faculties. If am permitted to use the contemporary English, I will say God failed in His quest of changing their minds. Exo.13:17. When God couldnt change their minds and He wouldnt let them truncate His plan, He wasted them away according to their utterances. Num.14:28-35. Joshua and Caleb were able to enter into Promised Land because they have a change mind. Miracle is good but transformed mind established and reproduced miracle.

Life is in phases, men are in sizes. How does caterpillar evolve into butterfly and hen incubate it eggs till its transform to chicks?

How Does a Caterpillar Turn into a Butterfly?
To become a butterfly, a caterpillar first digests itself. But certain groups of cells survive, turning the soup into eyes, wings, antennae and other adult structures.
The caterpillar, or what is more scientifically termed a larva, stuffs itself with leaves, growing plumper and longer through a series of molts in which it sheds its skin. One day, the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig or leaf and spins itself a silky cocoon or molts into a shiny chrysalis. Within its protective casing, the caterpillar radically transforms its body, eventually emerging as a butterfly or moth.
Getting a look at this metamorphosis as it happens is difficult; disturbing a caterpillar inside its cocoon or chrysalis risks botching the transformation.
It takes period of 21days for hen to incubate her eggs.
Once a hen lays a clutch of eggs, instincts take over. They constantly fuss over them, adjusting them just so throughout the day and rarely leaving the nest for more than a few minutes. Motherhood is a big responsibility for a young henif shes the least bit neglectful, her babies will never hatch. Or worse, they may hatch with deformities.

Read or listen to the word of God daily. Acts 17:10-12; 20:32. The word of God is a spirit, Jn.6:63. The word of God is a fire and hammer. Jer.23:29. The word of God is water for refreshment. Jn.4:14. The nourishment thats packaged in the word of God is potent enough to break the stoning hearted. It can refresh the thirsty. The word can edited out the garbage thats been infused in your conscious and subconscious mind and reprogram your mind. The word changes you from the inside out to itself. 2Cor.3:18.
Meditate on Gods word daily. Gen.24:63; Jos.1:8. The words you red dont profit you until it mix with faith in you. Heb.4:2. The word only mixes with faith in you when its accepted and meditates upon. Its during the process of meditation that we rub mind with Gods mind. Just as the food you eat doesnt profit your body without digestion so is the word of God that you red dont profit you without meditation. You digest the word through meditation. Take time to digest Gods word through meditation.

Pray through the word. Whatever you desire when you pray believe and it shall be given to you.Mark 11:24. A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian. Pray in language and also pray in the spirit. Time spent in prayer is a time invested not wasted.
Walk with a likeminded friend. Do not be deceived and misled evil companionships (communion, associations) corrupt, deprave good manners, morals and character. 1Cor.15:33, AMP. Show me your friend and I will tell you who youre. Choose four import people that you spent most of your time with. If youre married your wife or husband is number one and if youre not married your close acquaintance is number one and three friends. Look at them closely thats what your future will look like.
You 're the same that you will be in five years to come except for two things the friends you keep and the book you read.

Unction. Unction is the empowerment of the Holy Spirit through the inner man. Unction infused believers with dynamic force to walk with supernatural ability. Unction on the carrier transforms him or her from weakling to powerful person.
Unction can be contracted in two ways which are as follows: Through the Holy Spirit and by Impartation.
You can provoke the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on you through fasting and prayer. Jesus waited for 30 years before Hes anointed with power of the Holy Spirit. When people were been baptised Jesus was praying heaven open, Holy Spirit descended on Him and God confirmed His Sonship. Jesus was also led to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil for forty days and forty nights and He returned with power. Luke 3:21-22; 4:14; Acts 10:38.
Impartation can come by laying on of hands, by pouring of the oil and through the Spoken Word.
Timothy was gifted because Apostle had laid his hands on him. 2Tim.1:6.
David received power after Prophet Samuel anointed him before his brethren. 1Sam.16:13.
Who you walk with determine what walk with you. Joshua was full of the spirit of wisdom; for Moses had laid his hands on him… Deu.34:9.
Apostle Paul was longing to see all the beloved in Rome so that he can impart them with some spiritual gift, to the end that they may be established. Rom.1:11.
When you received the power of the Holy Spirit, you also received dynamic ability to cause changes. The Holy Spirit is not Dunamis but He gives Dunamis the dynamic ability to cause change.
Through the Spoken Word. And the spirit entered into me when he spake unto me, and set me upon my feet, that I heard him that spake unto me. Eze.2:2 KJV. Gods word is encapsulated with the power of God. Gods word carries with it a creative force. With faith whatever God can do His word can do it. Bible is Gods word in the written form. When you consume Gods word youre consuming the life that resided in God.
It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63 KJV. Gods word imparted you with power and the unction to function in life.

May the power of the Most High come upon you and the power of the Holy Ghost will overshadow you in Jesus name.

(PROPHET DR SAM ADEBAYO is the host of monthly motivational empowerment tagged PURPOSEFUL LIVING. He is an insightful teacher, coach, instructor, with apostolic anointing to destroy the stronghold of the devil and to speak prophetically into destinies for breakthrough. He is the founder of PURPOSEFUL LIVING MINISTRY. His vision and passion is to raise men and women who are living by God’s purpose for their lives. He has HND in Business Administration from Ibadan polytechnic, and a graduate of Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI). He also has Diploma In Theology and Advance Diploma in leadership from Day Star Leadership Academy (DLA).
He was born into Adebayo Fasasi’s family in Ogun State (Ijebu-Ode) four decades ago.)

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