Reno Omokri criticises Peter Obi for alleging no Senior government officials visited Kaduna Drone attack victims

The forthright former Special assistant to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has taken it out on the LP Presidential candidate, Peter Obi for allegedly telling Nigerians a lie that no senior government officials in Nigeria has visited the victims of the Kaduna Drone attack.

It will be recalled that it was reported that in a military operation targetted at terrorists in the Southern Kaduna village of Tundun Biri, Kaduna state, scores of civilians, majorly muslims observing the Muslim celebration that night were hit and killed while scores were injured.

Victims of the Kaduna drone attack receivinh treatment in the state hospital

The Kaduna state Governor, Uba Sanni while confirming the incident said

"Mauluda drone attack meant for the terror attack on Sunday night in Tudun Biri village of Kaduna state’s Igabi council area took place as Muslims gathered there to observe the holiday celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

He added that civilians were “mistakenly killed and many others were wounded” by a drone “targeting terrorists and bandits”.
Since the incident occurred, many Nigerian officials, groups and institutions, as well as individuals have take turns to condemn it and have paid several visits to the victims.

Over 87 dead victims being given a mass burial attended by Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant-General taoreed lagbaja with other army chiefs and community leaders

Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential candidate in the 2023 general election also went there recently after which he released a statement on his twitter account alleging no senior government officials has visited the village and the victims despite all previous visits from categories of government officials, the reason Omokri took him up on that.

In a statement released via verified social media handle, the outspoken Reno Omokri said
"Obi went on a Twitter space yesterday to lie that no senior government official has visited the Kaduna Drone attack victims. Meanwhile, the Chief of Army Staff visited within 24 hours. The NSA visited in 72 hours. And the vice President visited too. All BEFORE Obi's staged visit.

Omokri also criticised Obi for making noise about incidents outside his region while he intentionally keeps mute on incidents in his region.

According to him, "multiple people were killed at Porsche Night Club, Anambra. That is Obi's own state. And this Peter Obi, who is now falsely accusing others, has not visited there a week after it happened. If it occurs outside the Southeast, Obi will shout. If it happens in Anambra or Igbo land, Obi will chop and clean mouth!

"Sir, remove the log in your eye first. He concluded.

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