Governor Abiodun decries the influx of Northern people to the south

The Executive Governor of Ogun State, His Excellency, Dapo Abiodun has said that the influx of the prople of Northern origin to the southern states is possing serious security challenges to the Southern states, especially, Lagos and Ogun States.

Governor Abiodun said this While addressing the attendees of the 4th South West Conference of Directors of Security in Abeokuta on Thursday 21st December, 2023.
In his speech, Governor Abiodun submitted that as a "As a region, we face common challenges. There is a significant migration influx from the northern to the southern border.

Governor Abiodun addressing Southwestern Security Chiefs

The Governor explained that another area of serious security challenges is the close proximity of Ogun state to Lagos State. According to him, "Ogun State has a substantial student population due to the numerous tertiary institutions located there. Being in close proximity to Lagos State, the financial capital of Nigeria, we often experience spillover effects from its activities. Any incident in Lagos immediately impacts us.

To face the security challenges therefore, the Governor "emphasised the crucial need for us, as a region, to unite and share intelligence in order to enhance the security of our region. Without a secure environment, there can be no substantial socio-economic progress.

He added that "No matter how many roads are constructed or infrastructure is provided, potential investors will be deterred from investing in any state if they feel a sense of insecurity. It is vital for us to grasp that the desired socio-economic development in our respective states and zones can only be attained when peace and security are achieved.

He also advised that "Rather than solely addressing the symptoms, it is imperative that we dig deeper to identify the root cause of our security issues. By doing so, we may eradicate the problem at its source and witness a reduction in such incidents.

"I firmly believe that by sharing intelligence, understanding one another, and fostering inter-state cooperation, we can strengthen law enforcement and intelligence capabilities across borderlines. Ultimately, we are a united people with a shared language and culture. He concluded. 

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