My skills as a musicologist adds value to my music to make me outstanding” -Zion Century
Zion Century explains how his experience as a Musicologist enhances his music

By: Quadri Rasheed Atanda

In this second part of his interview, Zion Century bares his mind further on his career as a musicologist

How has your journey into the world of music been?

You know, it’s kind of tough and fun at the same time when you’re moving fast and growing big in life. For someone like me who started as an artiste manager, some of my new friends and people who have no idea what my story is like, are finding it hard to understand how I became a singer.

As a musician, what are those qualities that make you stand out in your industry?

Like I used to tell people not to call me a musician because I am a musicologist and I can play some instruments, I can also produce music works and manage artistes.

Wow!!That’s great,that makes you a bundle of attraction.In your genre, what are those qualities that make you the one to watch out for?

My skills as a musicologist adds value to my music to make me outstanding,with young ones learning from my sound.

Collaboration has become a big deal in the music industry, so who are the musicians you have collaborated with?

I have worked with many artistes, the likes of Zlanta Ibile, Dremo, Ichaba, Wale Turner and many more, but my experience with Ichaba was great as a co-producer of the song, titled Overload.

What are the music tracks you have released so far?

I have recorded many songs but my official first single was Overload ft Jaykey& Ichaba

Come to think of it, how did you come about the name Zion Century?

The name Zion Century was given to me by my South African friends. Way back in Western Cape, I used to host many homeless people in my house, every weekend, I would give them food and clothes. So there was this particular old guy who always kept saying a prayer for me… 
‘the young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not lack any good thing’, and with Zion being a garden blessed by God, that was how everyone started calling me Zion Century and I did more research about the name, after I found out that it was a beautiful name, I chose the name.

What has been the response of music fans and enthusiasts to your music so far?

You know it feels good when you see people singing your songs, word for word. It brings joy to my heart when people call me from Europe, US, Asia to tell me they love my song. I try to awaken people with my sound. My music is unique in the sense that it is melodious and educative. Like, you’re enjoying the music, and at the same time, you’re learning. It’s not just vibes. 

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(Watch out for the concluding part tomorrow)

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