One should live a life while one is still alive”-Zion Century
Live your life when you have it

By: Quadri Rasheed Atanda

In this concluding part of his interview, Zion Century sheds more light on his carer aspirations.

How does recording studio album differentiate from life music performance?

Life music performance is challenging and you should always look to develop this aspect of your music career. A live show is an immediate experience: you get one chance to get on stage and do your thing. However, when it boils down to recording music in the studio, artistes and bands need to adopt an approach distinct from that adopted on-stage.

Which one thrills you most and why?

As an entertainer, you must always be ready when the call comes in. You may have adapted to the pressures of performing on stage. You might be able to power through a set list without even flinching, just trusting your abilities to guide you through the whole performance. As for me I love to entertain people so, it’s live music performance for me anyway, any time.

What are those challenges affecting the music industry in Nigeria?

Poor infrastructure such as epileptic power supply and unfavorable economy. Lack of sponsorship can also pose significant challenges in music production as it increases time and costs to create content. Promotion duties often land in the laps of artistes, and many of them barely have the resources to shoulder the expenses, especially underground. Another main challenge is weak distribution channels and poor regulation that leaves the music industry vulnerable to piracy.

Assuming you are not a musician, what other career would you prefer?

If I am not singing, I would still be in artiste’s management and showbiz organisation. 

Where do you see your music career in the next five years?

In the next five years, I intend to have built a successful career and established a personal brand in the music industry by honing my musicology abilities to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other players in the industry.

How do you intend to go about that?

For these to materialize, sometimes, I need to stay away from the studio, keyboard or microphone, and take advantage of face-to-face interactions with peers, colleagues, and established professionals.

Can you shed more light on that please?

I need to attend industry conferences, trade shows, and festivals that provide perfect settings for fun and organic interactions. Social media sites such as LinkedIn

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