By Bode Olaifa

The weekend is here and it will naturally come with some activities that will carry security risks. Several people will have to travel kilometers to be part of important social, family and religious activities. Others will want to go to areas of leisure and pleasure for mind and body rest relaxation and recreation which is needed after the week long business and career activities. It is therefore essential to be more security conscious as we go about our activities for the weekend at this period when nowhere is safe.


  1. When you travel in a private car, do not use car stickers that reveal where you work, especially, when such is a big organization.
  2. When you are stopped by security personnel on the highway or anywhere on the road, do not open the boot for them from your car. Get out of your car and be there when they check your boot. We have heard unpalatable stories where unscrupulous security personnel planted illicit items in innocent people’s boot and many have gone into deep problems.
  3. If you are travelling as a group or organisation, especially, Church, do not travel in customized bus. It is even advisable not to travel in groups at this high security risk period.
  4. Do not take public transport at undesignated places and don’t travel in an unknown vehicle
  5. Speak very little when you are in a public transport. Never speak about money or business in such environment
  6. Do not dress to reveal your status. Always pay everything down when you travel
  7. Do not wear your I.D card outside your workplace, especially, when you are travelling.
  8. When you travel to anywhere, don’t lodge in an hotel where you are not issued receipt. If when they issue you a receipt, in the presence of the hotel staff, snap the receipt and send to your people. You remember the sensational case in an hotel in Ile-Ife where a masters student of Obafemi Awolowo University travelled down to Ile-Ife for his examination and lodged in an hotel. He was murdered overnight. It was the transferred he made into the hotel account that exposed the crime of the hotel management.
  9. Do not answer the door in an hotel room without verifying who it is. If the person claims to be an employee, call the front desk and ask if and why an employee is sent to you.
  10. When returning to your hotel after the day’s activities, use the main entrance. If you are using the parking lot, be observant before you enter to park
  11. Close and lock your door whenever you are in the room and use all the locking devices.
  12. Don’t display your room key outside your room and avoid dropping them where they can be easily stolen.
  13. Do not draw attention to yourself by displaying large amount of cash or expensive jewelry or even phone in the public
  14. Don’t invite strangers to your room
  15. Place all valuables in the hotel safe deposit box.
  16. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.
  17. Check to see any suspicious activity, please report your observation to the hotel Management.
  18. Never give any hotel staff or anybody for that matter to get you cash.
  19. Do not spray money at parties, please use envelope instead
  20. Avoid routine movements for the days you are spending where you travelled to
  21. Do not discuss your family with strangers

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