By: Quadri Atanda Rasheed

Nigerian musicologist Kolawole Ojeleke Olayinka who is known as Zion Century talks about why he believes 2024 will definitely serve his musicologist career better than 2023 did. He is of the strong opinion that 2024 will eclipse 2023 in terms of his music industry accomplishments.

Zion century, how has it been going with your music career since 2024 commenced?

2024 has so far been stimulating for me, given the fact that 2023 was an interesting and impressive year for my music career with the release of my music single, “blessings,” which was quite impressive given the lyrics and sound combination, however, people are in for more from me that will whet the appetite of music lovers this year.

Can you elaborate on that?

In 2023, I was on the international scene in Gambia where I participated in one of the biggest concerts to ever hold in Gambia. It was a mind-blowing event where my music dexterity was at it’s best display, and the experience of that with my music accomplishments so far, will up the ante for my music career this year I am strongly believe .

That is indeed commendable, so what exactly do you have for Nigeria’s music industry in 2024?

This year, I am establishing a new record label project with the vision and concept of providing opportunities for musicians; upcoming and aspiring musicians, as well as those with desire to excel in music to accomplish with ease. We are building a record label system that will be considerate and non-exploitative with more enduring term objectives in mind.

Will that be your major objective for 2O24?

When one is trying to establish a record label that will be distinct with the goal of standing out as a pacesetter in one way or the other, it comes with a price and the price goes beyond the money and materials that one needs to invest, it involves engaging the right people to ensure the vision and drive that inspiration. So the major objective here is a challenging one.

How do you intend to overcome the challenges involved?

It is all about discovering more talents that will be engaged in Zion Century Records. Once we have the right talents involved, we are good to go. In the long run, it is the quality of talents involved in Zion Century Records that will determine the output of the vision that drives our 2024 new record label objectives.

Should we be expecting any music single from you this year?

On that, I want you to keep your fingers crossed, because the record label will definitely consume my time. I want to extend myself to be more useful to others.

If you are to assess your music single releases across the years, what have you to say?

From Overload in 2020, Party Hard in 2022, Don’t Call Me and Blessings in 2023, I have never looked back. My singles have been getting better and better. Like I always tell people, I am a musicologist, therefore I understand and have what it takes to keep rising up the ladder music wise. All the music singles I released so far have been worthwhile.

Comparing Gambia to Nigeria music wise, what do you have to say?

Nigeria’s music market is still leading in Africa and growing to be a world leading music market. However, the Gambians are trying to improve. Gambia is a small country in terms of size and population, so one cannot really compare both countries.
Do you have plans for international music shows this year.
Yes, I do. Definitely,I will go on music tour this year to Europe,United Kingdom, Dublin, France and Netherlands.

You are appreciated for this interview engagement

You are welcome.

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