Austin Ayes' Corner

A true father goes through many unspeakable experiences to continue to be a father. When he goes out daily in search of bread for his household, he sustains many mental injuries he does not discuss with his family. His wife and children may not be able to stand the pains he goes through if he shares it with them. The insults from his boss,the embarrassment from his customers,the harassment from his superiors,etc.Yet he can't quit. Most times,when he gets home,he is welcomed with nags and unending requests. He gets blames for not being able to meet up or for not being able to be like his fellow men.

Hmmmm, he is rarely appreciated for his struggles and push just to keep the family together. Some men had secretly dipped their hands in so many things they can't discuss with their families. Some have stolen, embezzled and borrowed so much that they live in inexpressible guilts everyday.

A real father can take anything just to keep food on the table for his household. An adage says''goat sweats but his hair does not let people see his sweat''.Many men are sweating but no one is seeing their sweat because they have a car, a house, a job, etc.

When it comes to celebrating him, it is done casually. He may not have breasts to breastfeed, yet everyone sucks from his unseen breasts. He may not carry pregnancy for nine months but he is always pregnant with family needs. He may not know how labour pain feels but his pains are not physical.Tears may not be in his eyes but he bleeds from inside when he has no means to put food on the table for his household. His shout, hostility and moods are not premeditated,they are fallout of what he goes through.So,please understand him.

May God continue to strengthen you ALL FATHERS.

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