Relief has come the way of the people of Kuriga community, especially the parents of the 287 Kuriga School Children in Kaduna state abducted by bandits some weeks ago.

The School children were abducted from Kuriga, Chikun Local Government of Kaduna State on thursday 7th March, 2024 and efforts to free the school children have immediately being initiated by both the Federal and Kano State Government; and the efforts were intensified as days run into weeks while the children were still with their abductors until the news of their release broke out on saturday 23rd March, 2024.

The Kaduna State Governor Sanni Uba who announced the release of the 287 schoolchildren thanked President Bola Tinubu for ensuring the release which came as a result of his taking security as priority .
"Our special appreciation goes to our dear President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR for prioritizing the safety and security of Nigerians and particularly ensuring that the abducted Kuriga school children are released unharmed.

"While the school children were in captivity, I spoke with Mr. President several times. He shared our pains, comforted us and worked round the clock with us to ensure the safe return of the children.
Governor Sanni Uba also commended the National Security Adviser.

“Special mention must also be made of our dear brother, the National Security Adviser, Mal. Nuhu Ribadu for his exemplary leadership.

Meanwhile, the Governor did not state how the release of the school children was secured. However, there are indications that both the federal and Kano State governments who were earlier reported to have allegedly hired private negotiators must have parted with very large sum of money to secure the release.

This development according to some political and social commentator is very disturbing as it has now become a recurrent circle for bandits to kidnap school children in large numbers, never to be released until ransom are paid. This according to them will continue to undermine the sovereignty of the Nigerian government as well as the ability of the Military while it will continue to embolden the criminals .

One of the social commentators who spoke with us remarked that 'Obviously, negotiations must have taken place and ransom paid. And the bandits would go, acquire more arms, recruit more criminals, prepare for more ops, the circle continues and then we thank our "gallant military", praise the authorities.

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