By: Quadri Rasheed Atanda

Do you know that Segun Akinyemi, a Nigerian iconic fuji musician popularly known as Segun Opontisun or Sir Major, and sometimes referred to as spiderman by some of his adorable fans who has indeed come a long way when it comes to fuji music industry in Nigeria is a very modest man. infact, he has only one wife despite being a fuji star, a phenomenon that is rare with fuji musicians who are generally believed by many people to have the attitude of being involved with many female, the reason most of them end up being a polygamist.

Having found his way into the fuji music terrain more than twenty years ago, Segun Opontisun has never been found wanting when it comes to dishing out good fuji music. Till today, he remains very relevant as he is focused on reaching the pinnacle in fuji music industry.

When it comes to danceable lyrics spiced with good sound combination, Segun Opontisun has delivered and keeps delivering since his official emergence on the fuji scene through his first album titled Chop Up. Since then,he has not looked back in his pursuit of the golden fleece on the turf of fuji music.

The Abeokuta born Segun Opontisun, born into the family of Honourable Femi Akinyemi and Mrs Akinyemi. The father was musician. Therefore, it can be established therefore that with five other siblings, Segun's background contributed a lot in providing the drive for his venturing into and making waves in music. His father's choice of music and the character traits also influenced Segun Opontisun's modesty and chastity.

Segun Opontisun’s father, Honourable Femi Akinyemi was a gospel juju musician. If one describes it as a case of like father, like son, it fits well; inspired by his father’s music career, he decided to venture into music and became the only music heir apparent to his father out of the six children born by his parents.

As an experienced fuji musician, Opontisun has plied his fuji music trade in Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti, Kogi, Sokoto in far north, Zaria, Port Harcourt in far South South, Kano and Akure. Moreover, he took his music to the international scene in Cotonou, Benin Republic, Dubai in United Arab Emirates and South Africa. He also visited Rwanda and Ethiopia as part of his international exposure. He also plans to take his trade into wide international terrain by taking his music to Europe and North America.

Digging through his musical journey,Segun Opotisun started to make impact with his albums such as Chop Up, Reinforcement which was launched in LTV 8 with the support of Pasuma Alabi Wonder, Atorise and others. His music has penetrated the fuji music scene and has been part of music collaborations with Tope Alabi and others.

He has also collaborated with great musicians like Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Late Sunny T Adesokan, Alade Oloto, Segun Oyama to mention a few.

Known for his bubbling, creative and never relenting nature, it is obvious there is still much in the offing, fuji music wise from Segun Opontisun as his teeming fuji music lovers looks forward towards collaboration with Wasiu Alabi Pasuma this year, after which he is expected to collaborate with Sule Adio Atawewe on another fuji music track.

But despite the distractions associated with fuji career, Segun Opontisun stays more at home to unwind and relax when not engaged in performances. He also engages in other business undertakings of his, especially, the ones that give him the opportunity to stay close to his family, others in the same field most timesabbat use all opportunities to flirt and frolick around. It is therefore commendable to notea that unlike several well-known fuji musicians, Segun Opontisun remains a monogamist. He is married to one wife and has two children.

In addition, he is a man of diverse parts with interest in agriculture.

No doubt, Segun Opontisun will as usual have his hands full this year 2024 with live stage performances from one location to another as he commenced the year still working on his fuji music singles and collaborations.

It is certain that fuji music fans will have a mind blowing experience by enjoying the best of Segun Opontisun this year.

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