By: Arowoogun Abiola Ade-Ire

The President of the United States of America, Joe Biden has come under serious criticism for declaring this year's Easter Sunday as "Transgender Day of Visibility".

In the President's Easter greetings officially posted on White House Government platforms and even President Biden's official handles, the greetings to Christian faithfuls was over shadowed by President's recognition and wishes to transgender people in America.

It will be recalled that President Biden had on March 31st 2021 declared the day for the US transgender people. According to his 2021 pronouncement, the love of the country was declared to the American transgender and that they belong to the country. The pronouncement also see the people as Americans and that the country will have their backs.

However, this year's 31st March unfortunately fall on this year's Easter celebration when Christian faithfuls worldwide commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, whose personality and divinity form the basis of Christian religion.

Consequently, President Biden's official Statement had casually greet American Christians while giving his remarks about the transgender people a priority by declaring the day as Transgender Visibility Day.

This brought the White House and the President under serious fire and criticism with slamming splingters flying from many directions.

Reno OMOKRI, the former Spokesperson to the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan remarked that "Even though I do not celebrate or associate with Easter, I still find it very disturbing that President Joe Biden has declared Easter Sunday Transgender Day.

I am still trying to believe this is some how fake news. But I read the official statement on the White House website titled 'A Proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility, 2024', and I am at a loss for words.

Even if you must do such a thing, why on Easter Sunday? It seems like a slap on the face of the billions of people worldwide who consider tomorrow (Easter Sunday) holy, especially the hundreds of millions of Christians who live in America. I am not even sure a Muslim country would treat Easter in such a disrespectful manner.
This is not an attack on transgender people. God loves all people including transgender individuals. However, to please one group of citizens at the expense of others does not seem like something an elected government should do when there are better ways to go about this.

In their remarks most Americans regard Biden's statement as blasphemous and that Joe Biden with his White House Government do not believe in God again as their actions have indicated.

Meanwhile, many of other criticism from Americans come with threat of voting President Biden out of the White House in the American November 2024 coming Presidential election.

"Biden and his handlers may need to write this down: Mark your calendars, March 31, 2024 Easter Sunday is the day President Joe Biden lost the 2024 election, God just sealed the deal!

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