By: Arowoogun Abiola Ade-Ire

Honorable Mohammed Bello El-Rufai, the son of Nasir El-Rufai, the former Kano State governor and presently the National Security Adviser has debunked the reports credited to him and making round that he ( Bello El-Rufai) is criticising the Kano State Governor Uba SANNI.

It will be recalled that recently, Uba Sanni declared that El-Rufai left huge debt for his government. Bello El-Rufai who is the member representing Kano North Federal Constituency in the green chamber.
Governor Uba Sanni had declared the former Governor Nasir El-Rufai left him $587m, N85bn and 115 contractual liabilities.

Governor Uba added that: “Despite the huge debt burden of $587m, N85bn, and N115bn contractual liabilities sadly inherited from the previous administration, we remain resolute in steering Kaduna State towards progress and sustainable development.

Nasir El-Rufai accused of leaving huge debt for Governor Uba Sanni

Many statements were reportedly credited to Nasir' El-Rufai's son, Hon. Bello El-Rufai in which he refuted Governor Uba's claim and defended his father even as he lashed out at Governor Uba.

However, Bello El-Rufai had debunked the statements credited to him criticising Uba Sanni. He said he will never critisize the Kano State Governor publicly as the man is his benefactor and that he is loyal to him.
"I am loyal to Governor Uba Sanni, and I will not criticize him publicly.
Bello it seems can be said to be saying nothing or no one, not even his dad can make him criticize Governor Uba Sanni who he regarded as his benefactor.
"No one will make me do that. He mentored me, gave me my first government job, and believed in my election.

Meanwhile, on Governor Uba 's declaration that the former governor, Nasir El-Rufai left him a huge debt, Bello El-Rufai remarked that it is the duty of a governor as the leader of the state to tell his people the status of the treasury of the state, though, still using the same statement to subtly re-emphasized that his father, Nasir El-Rufai in his outgoing speech did mentioned how much money he was leaving in the treasury of the state.

"The governor is the leader of the state, and for the sake of transparency, even though Mallam as the outgoing governor put it in his outgoing speech how much money he is leaving in the state, it is within the governor's—let me take that back—it is the duty, of course, for the sake of transparency, to let the citizens of the state know the financial condition.”

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