By: Arowoogun Abiola Ade-Ire

A Palestinian Journalist, Hossam Shabat has declared that the objective for which Israeli forces have occupied Gaza is to completely destroy Gaza.

Hossam Shabat a reporter who is a Palestinian national is one of the few Journalists who still remains in the Northern Gaza to report the the war ongoing in the heart of Gaza Strip.
Shabbat who reports from the Al Shifa Hospital made this declaration after the pullout of the Israeli army from the hospital.

According to him, several bodies were discovered outside the hospital. He claimed that the bodies that were mostly mutilated were part of the remains of about 300 Palestinians killed by the Israeli forces during the occupation of the hospital. According to him, Israeli's occupancy of the hospital has led to acts of "total destruction and genocide.

"I have been working nonstop for the past 6 months covering what’s happening in Gaza, but what I saw today while visiting Al-Shifa hospital was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before :

"Israeli occupation forces executed 300 Palestinians in and around the hospital, and this morning, I witnessed hundreds of bodies outside the hospital , their wasn’t one full body all the bodies were either pieces or heavily mutilated .

"The bodies were in horrific conditions; many had their hands and legs tied behind their backs and were flattened by a bulldozer. Many of the bodies were burned and left to be crushed to pieces. Several bodies were decomposed and partly eaten by stray dogs. Most of the bodies were unrecognizable; families could only identify them by their clothes.

Hossam Shabat also declared that Al-Shifa hospital which is considered the largest medical complex in the Gaza Strip, catering to many complex cases has been completely destroyed.
"They burned it down and destroyed all medical equipment. Israeli occupation forces has one goal and it’s to destroy every inch of Gaza."

Meanwhile, Israeli has declared that the Palestinian Militant group that has its stronghold in the Northern Gaza is using the Al-Shifa hospital as their base of operation.

Israeli forces also declared that weapons were found in the hospital confirming their claim that the Hamas uses the hospital as a cover for their operation.

(please be warned. The pictures below could be disturbing)

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