About us

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about us

Afirika Journal is a digital journal publication poised to serve as a leading African media brand  that will serve as the corporate face of the African continent via the timely dissemination of news events, news updates as well as periodical informative/educative articles that cut across different categories.

Vision Statement.

We are poised to becoming a leading African digital publication and Media Brand as we concentrate on prioritizing the publication of well researched, relevant and balanced news reports as they happen; as well as periodical articles in different pages/categories as well special write-ups on Africa and It's components with best  professional practices

what we do


... publication of the Aristocrats & Technocrats


To serve as a global leading digital publication platform for the celebration of achievers, Icons and Celebrities especially in Africa, documenting their struggles toward success and celebrating their achievements.


... classically memorable 


To serve as a global digital publication platform for the coverage and documentation of the different types and categories of events within and outside Africa, making them classically memorable


... spreading, to the end of the world.


To serve as a digital publication platform for the propagation of the gospel and tenets of the Christian faith.


... ójú t'ólé, ó t'ókó!

Gbólóhùn Àfojúsùn

Láti jé ìkànnì àpílèko tí yió s'oju ati sàgbéláruge Ìran Yorùbá nípa ìròyìn, àpílèko àtìgbàdégbà, ìfòrò-wá-ni-lénu-wo ati àsà oun ìse ilè wa.