20 - year old Regina Daniels Advice young people to be disciplined.

The renowned young and beautiful nollywood actress, Regina Daniels had declared that the best gift any woman can give her husband is the gift of virginity.
Regina said this while reacting to the waves of sex tapes and pornography materials of some known actress that leaked recently which stirred up huge dust.

One of such porno materials of known actress that leaked into the public internet space which caused so much stiring of dust was that of Moyo Lawal's sex tape which was reportedly leaked by her suppossed ex-fiance.

In the recent time, despite the fact that the artists are seeing as models in the society, the rate of the obnoxious activities of our celebrities show that they are addicted to several anti-social order acts as about more than five sex and sex-related materials made their leakings into the general public space at the time the sex tape of Moyo Lawal was leaked.

Moyo Lawal

It will be recalled that Nollywood actor, Ugochukwu Onyinanya better known as MC Ug Future has revealed his affair with Moyo Lawal, claiming the actress loves sex tapes. In the wake of the actress’s nude tape, the upcoming actor took to his Facebook page and claimed that he dated the actress between 2020 to 2021.

Though he isn’t one to betray people, as he claimed, he revealed that Moyo loved private sex video and a lot of crázy things. MC Ug Future further revealed that he has their sex tapes but can’t hurt her and himself, though she had hurt him many times.

“I was not raised to betray people, I dated Moyo Lawal for 2 years 2020 – 2021. She loves private video & a lot of crazy things. I have all our s3x tapes, all these while but I can’t hurt my colleague and myself. Though she hurt me many times”.

The level of the rot in the country's entertainment was what played out in the Mohbad death Sàga which revealed high level of drug addiction and peddling, gangsterism, cultism and bully.

Except there are concerted efforts to get rídìí of these rots at their different levels, the Moyo Lawal and Mohbad Sàga will never subside but multiply in bounds, until our society will not be able to curtail and contain it again.

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